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ADTREATSOFT02 can be used to design advanced wastewater treatment systems.


> Granular Activated Carbon Treatment


> Powdered Activated Carbon Treatment


> Air Stripping


> Chlorination


> Ozonization


> Electro-dialysis


> Ion Exchange


> Reverse Osmosis


> Ultraviolet Treatment

Price for Single User License: US$ 410

ADTREATSOFT02 can be used for the design of tertiary or advanced treatment units which can remove dissolved inorganic solids, organic contaminants and

microorganisms (disinfection). The standards of the Pollution Control Boards are becoming stricter and the parameters mentioned above are being covered Also many organizations are adopting the concept of zero discharge due to water scarcity and continuously increasing costs of water. Therefore, the design of the advanced wastewater treatment units is gaining more and more importance. These units can be also used in the drinking water treatment also to treat brackish water and for disinfection.

Potential beneficiaries: This software is ideally useful for the consultants in the field of Effluent Treatment. Engineers from regulatory bodies such as State Pollution Control Boards and Government and Semi-Government organizations such as State Industrial Development Corporations and Water Supply and Sewerage Boards and Industry can use it for cross

checking the design submitted by the consultant or even for designing the ETP in-house!

Academic institutions can use it for thorough understanding of the ETP design methodology by the students.



Software to Design of Advanced Wastewater Treatment ADTREATSOFT02

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