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Types of Sewerage Systems, Design process of Sewerage System, Sewer materials, Design of Sewerage System using SEWERSOFT03,Example, Modern methods of construction of sewers, Example, O&M


Duration of Program:- 5 July 2019 (1 Day)


Venue:- Prachi Services Inc, B-36, Dhake Park, N.N.Road No-1, Jogeshwari(East), Mumbai:-400060.


Fees of program:- Rs. 2360/- per participant. (including GST 18%). This will cover program Documentation (Electronic), Tea/Coffee and Lunch.


To and fro Travelling Expenses, Lodging and Boarding arrangement to be borne by trainees.


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Design and Operation of Sewerage System, Code:SEWERSOFT




Water supply and sanitation is an area where considerable work is required to be done in India and other parts of the world. Investment of thousands of crores of rupees is being made in this sector to provide Sewage Treatment in rural as well as urban areas. Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) are made compulsory for big residential complexes in urban areas. Green Building norms also make it mandatory to treat sewage. Central Government has launched ambitious Clean India Mission and Clean Ganga Mission. Thus employment opportunities in this area are going to increase rapidly. Use of software in the design of STPs is also increasing. Engineers as well as students with the latest knowledge and skills in STP design, operations and maintenance will have more opportunities for employment as well as advancement in the career. This program is ideally suited to engineers/architects/professionals working in real estate sector, construction companies and government departments as well as engineering students. The program will be delivered by renowned and experienced personalities in the field. Certificates will be awarded to all the participants successfully completing this program.

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