SEWERSPFT03 can be used for design of sewerage system.


> Simple to use


> Gives design insights


> Well designed reports


> Affordable

Price for Single User License: US$ 530

SEWERSOFT03 can be used for the design of Sewerage System.

This software is developed on the basis of standard references. It provides a Graphical User Interface (Windows) based front end and therefore it is extremely user friendly. The design details are stored in the database format at the back end. This helps in saving the details of the

designs for future reference. The software designs the successive stretches of

the sewers between two manholes. It designs the diameter, slope, velocity and flow rate of the sewer. The report also gives ground level, invert level, length etc. Branch (in which many laterals contribute) and Main (in which many branches contribute) sewers can be designed.

This software is ideally useful for the consultants in the field of Environmental Engineering, Infrastructure development firms, Government and Semi-Government organizations such as State Industrial Development Corporations

and Water Supply and Sewerage Boards. Academic institutions can use it for thorough understanding of the sewerage system design methodology by the students.



Sewerage System Design Software SEWERSOFT03

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