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Design criteria and effluent standards, Flow sheets, Sewage Pumping Station, Basics of Primary Treatment Units, Types of Secondary Treatment Units based on aerobic and anaerobic process, Tertiary treatment units and reuse and recycle, Design of STP using ETPSOFT04, Example, O&M of STP, Site visit (optional)


Duration of Program:- 1 Day (10 AM - 6 PM)


Venue:- Prachi Services Inc, B-36, Dhake Park, N.N.Road No-1, Jogeshwari(East), Mumbai:-400060.


Fees of program:- Indian Rs. 2950/- per participant. (including GST 18%) or US $40/- per participant. This will cover program Documentation (Electronic), Tea/Coffee and Lunch.


To and fro Travelling Expenses, Lodging and Boarding arrangement to be borne by trainees.


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Design and Operation of Effluent Treatment Plants, Code: ETPSOFT




Sustainable sanitation is the key target in Swachh Bharat Mission. More than 60% India lacks sustainable sanitation. Hence there is increasing focus on the design and construction of Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs). In cities, it is mandatory to design and construct STPs for big organisations and housing societies. Industries have to also establish Effluent Treatment Plants in the premises. Thus in depth knowledge of Design of Sewage/Effluent Treatment Plants will be of immense importance in times to come. Our company Prachi Services Inc has developed Software to Design Sewage/Effluent Treatment Plants since the year 2000. Recently fourth version of this software ETPSOFT04 is launched. The participants attending this program will get knowledge of design principles as well as hands on experience of using ETPSOFT04. The details of the units covered and other information is given in the content section below.

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