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ETPSOFT04 can be used to design complete effluent/sewage treatment plant or some of its units.

ETPSOFT04 Summary

> Primary Treatment Units:- Screens, Grit Chamber, Primary Sedimentation Tank, Flow measurement devices

> Secondary Treatment Units:- Activated Sludge Process, Trickling filter, Rotating Biological Contactor, Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) reactor, Aerated lagoon, Anaerobic lagoon

> Sludge Treatment:- Sludge thickner, Anaerobic digester, Sludge drying beds

> Sewage Pumping Station

Price for Single User License: US$ 680

The software requires flow rate and characteristics of raw and treated effluent such as BOD, COD, Suspended Solids and quality of treated effluent as the input data and gives dimensions of the units, their design parameters, quality of treated effluent and power rating as the output data. The range and typical values for input data are provided by the software.

The software generates report comprising the output which consists of details of design. The design calculations are also generated in the report which can be printed.


Potential beneficiaries: This software is ideally useful for the consultants in the field of Effluent Treatment. Engineers from regulatory bodies such as State Pollution Control Boards and

Government and Semi-Government organizations such as State Industrial Development Corporations and Water Supply and Sewerage Boards and Industry can use it for cross

checking the design submitted by the consultant or even for designing the ETP in-house!

Academic institutions can use it for thorough understanding of the ETP design methodology by the students.


This version of ETPSOFT also gives Drawings.



Effluent Treatment Plant Design Software ETPSOFT04

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