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Duration of Program:- 1 Day (10 AM - 6 PM)


Venue:- Prachi Services Inc, B-36, Dhake Park, N.N.Road No-1, Jogeshwari(East), Mumbai:-400060.


Fees of program:- Indian Rs. 2950/- per participant. (including GST 18%) or US $40/- per participant. This will cover program Documentation (Electronic), Tea/Coffee and Lunch.


To and fro Travelling Expenses, Lodging and Boarding arrangement to be borne by trainees.



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Design of Water Distribution Networks, Code: WDNSOFT




Water is very important for the survival of life. With the development urban areas and need of planned water supply schemes is gaining importance in rural and urban areas. Water distribution systems are growing at a rapid rate. With this there is a great demand for skilled professionals with thorough knowledge of water distribution network design. This certificate program addresses this need. Theoretical principles used in the design of water distribution network, hardy cross method are taught and hands on experience of design is provided to the delegates. Delegates are given exposure to the use of software WDNSOFT03 which can be used for the design of water distribution system. The use of other software products like EPANET is also discussed. The certificate program is ideally suitable for professionals who are working in water and environmental engineering sector both at government, semi-government and private sector. Academicians and students can also take advantage of this program. Certificates will be awarded to the delegates successfully completing the program.

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