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Rainwater harvesting is the accumulation and deposition of rainwater for reuse before it reaches the aquifer. Uses include water for garden, water for livestock, water for irrigation, and indoor heating for houses etc. In many places the water collected is just redirected to a deep pit with percolation. The harvested water can be used as drinking water as well as for storage and other purpose like irrigation.

Rainwater harvesting is made mandatory for all new buildings.

The technology for the use of rainwater is simple. The rainwater is given a pretreatment by passing through a filter bed and then stored in a tank from where it is consumed. The quality of initial water is poor and hence it is a good practice to waste it. The water is usually used for gardening, flushing, washing cars etc. In case it is used for drinking additional treatment like chlorination, UV is necessary.


The customers include renowned organizations in Public and Private sector such as Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, L & T, JUSCO (A TATA Enterprise), Gammon, Akruti to name a few.


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