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Water is important for life. Due to urbanization and industrialization water gets contaminated by harmful microorganisms (pathogens), suspended and dissolved impurities etc. People suffer from water borne diseases like Cholera, typhoid, jaundice, if they consume contaminated or impure water, which is sometimes fatal. The process of washing, cooking also gets affected if the water is hard. It is therefore necessary that water we use daily should be of good quality for drinking and other use as stipulated by IS 10500. Hence water treatment plants are required to treat water for cities, towns, villages, residential complexes, hotels, swimming tanks, schools & colleges, resorts etc. Certain industries also require water of very good quality in manufacturing process. It is also necessary to check the quality of water regularly from authorized water testing laboratories.   

Depending on the quality of water, combination of different unit treatments is provided. Important units in the water treatment plants are as follows:


Flash Mixer



Filter:- Slow Sand Filter, Rapid Sand Filter or Pressure Filter

Disinfection:- Chlorine Cylinders, Sodium Hypochlorite Solution or Ozone Pumping Station .


The customers include renowned organizations in Public and Private sector such as Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, L & T, JUSCO (A TATA Enterprise), Gammon, Akruti to name a few.


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