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Environmental Compliance

Depending on the products, enterprise has to comply with various regulations with respect to environment such as Air Act, Water Act, Environment Act, Hazardous Waste Rules, Factory Act etc. Honest complying with these regulations not only ensures hassle free continuous operations but also respect from all stakeholders and gives immense satisfaction of conducting business responsibly. This also increases profitability and viability in the long run. Our in depth knowledge in environmental monitoring, assessment of personal exposure to air pollution and environmental modeling helps us in effectively helping the corporate.



> Corporate Communications: Corporation has to present its record of Environmental compliance to various stakeholders such as share holders, customers, government and to the society and neighborhood in which they operate. We help in organizing and communicating the Environmental Compliance to these stakeholders. Our core strength of domain expertise gives valuable insights to these diverse stakeholders.

> Third Party Opinions: General population has become very sensitive to the environmental pollution and damage caused by industry. There are scenarios when the corporations are at the other end of the complaints reasonable or unreasonable by citizen groups. In this case it is very important to undertake in depth analysis by third party or neutral experts. Such studies require deep knowledge of air quality models, water quality models, air and water pollutants, health effects and other such diverse factors. We have undertaken such studies to render third party opinion.

> Air Pollution Compliance: We help you to comply with the worldwide rigorous air pollution control regulations. We also help the enterprises in optimizing their compliance efforts with schemes such as EU Emission Trading Scheme.

> Water Pollution Compliance: Water is gradually becoming an important resource and we will help the enterprises in their efforts to optimize its use by following the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle. End of the pipe treatment will be one of the components of the complete system. Data will be collected and organized systematically for effective compliance and conservation.

> Chemical Inventory: Prachi Services solutions supports critical chemical inventory reporting requirements of different states. The solutions simplify data collection and aggregation of chemical inventory to enable efficient accounting for hazardous materials in accordance with regulations.

> Hazardous Waste Management: Worldenviro solutions track hazardous wastes from generation to final disposal. These automated solutions help to meet the increased regulatory demands and transparently report hazardous waste management operations.



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