When the research showed the adverse impacts of climate change on our planet, sustainability became important. After Kyoto protocol was signed in 1997 economic incentives were attached to implement projects on sustainable development. Under Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), the entities in developing world could develop projects to reduce emission of green house gases and generated Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) which could be traded with the entities in the developed world under the aegis of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Sustainability reporting was started by the corporations and their importance is increasing. Many corporations set the target to become carbon neutral. There is scarcity of experts with depth of knowledge about diverse aspects concerning sustainability. Prachi Services helped many industries in meeting their Environmental and Sustainability objectives, Environmental Engineering & Management being the long term commitment and core strength of Prachi.    

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> Climate Change Mitigation Project Design: We help Enterprises in the design of projects which will reduce emission of green house gases. These projects will not only make the enterprise sustainable but also improve the brand image in the stakeholders such as customers, investors, employees and society at large.  We have deep understanding of various opportunities available in this sector at international level to make these projects financially viable such as Clean Development Mechanism, Joint Implementation, Voluntary markets, Gold Standard etc.


> Sustainable Reporting: Businesses are becoming more and more conscious towards their responsibility for society. Any sustainable initiative must satisfy the test of social, environmental and economical development apart from reducing the emission of green house gases which are responsible for global warming and climate change.  Energy efficiency, renewable energy generation, Green building, smart grid, methane capture, waste heat recovery are some of the areas where there is great potential for industries to act. Water conservation, reduce, recycle and reuse, environmental pollution control, occupational health and safety are the other areas where corporate citizenship can be demonstrated. It is necessary to support the vulnerable sections of the society and work for social obligation. It is not only important to take action but effectively communicate to all the stakeholders about sustainability initiatives. It is important to get the data across different verticals and consolidated data at the click of a button. It is imperative to follow world class reporting standards and we will be your trusted partner in this.


> Carbon footprint: Large scale consumption of fossil fuel is resulting into emission of CO2 which is responsible for global warming. Many enterprises are voluntarily reporting their carbon footprint and setting up the target to become carbon neutral. We support corporations in this endeavor. 

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